Selling Process


Royalty buyers initiate a conversation with us to discuss selling their royalty interests. We also initiate conversations with buyers through our letter outreach program. If you have received a letter, or just want to start the buying conversation with one of the members of our team, Click Here.


We request at least two of our clients’ most recent check statements so that we can begin the evaluation process. These are the detailed breakdowns of assets that come with monthly revenue checks. This data is absolutely necessary to your speedy evaluation. Go to our Check Statement Upload page to upload your check statements.


We use data inputted from your check statement detail along with an extensive collection of data retrieved from both public and private sources to build a monthly revenue profile of your assets. This step is where we are unique: data aggregation from this step is how we assign the final value on your assets. Click Here to upload your check statements.


We extend our offer to you. You have no obligation to accept our offer after we evaluate your assets. We will not try to confuse or evade you: we will discuss your evaluation with you to ensure that you are on board with our process and the value we have come to, so that we are on the same page going forward.


We will immediately send our closing documents to you. We take care of all of the document creation, closing costs and conveyance fees to ensure a no stress, hassle-free closing process for you.


Once you sign our prepared conveyance, we send it off to the county clerk’s office to be recorded, then we send you your money.

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