Why Sell?

There are countless advantages to selling your oil and gas royalties today. While each owner that we work with has a different reason for selling their interests, they can all be summarized in three simple explanations: to simplify your life, to minimize risk of your investments, and to receive an influx of cash.

Some of the ways selling your royalties simplifies your life include:

  • Making sure that your estate is clean, freeing your heirs from a long and complicated title transfer process.
  • There is a lot of bookkeeping involved with owning royalty interests. By selling, you eliminate the hassle of all of the paperwork you have to do.

The oil and gas market is volatile. Selling your royalty interests allows you to reinvest your money into safer areas, and avoid shortfalls of the oil and gas industry, such as:

  • Operators going bankrupt or ceasing production on your assets.
  • The constant depletion and depreciating value of your oil and gas wells.
  • Potential increased taxation or increased regulation of the industry cutting into your monthly revenues.
  • Price fluctuations of oil and gas.

By receiving an influx of cash, you could:

  • Pay off your debts, such as a mortgage, lingering medical bills, a car loan, or credit card bills.
  • Invest in a younger loved one’s college tuition.
  • Put the money towards a home renovation.
  • Take time off on vacation with your loved ones.
  • Save funds for retirement.

If any of the items on this list appeal to you, contact us today to begin your no obligation evaluation of your mineral, royalty, or overriding royalty interests. Whatever your reason is, Oak Tree Minerals will ensure that the process of selling your royalties is fast and simple. To get started upload your check statement(s). and we will contact you with our best offer.

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